Sunday, December 04, 2005

At the end of the novel, I found myself a bit sad about how everything turned out... Adam was in the war, Nina wasn't happy, Ginger was being cheated on, Miss Runcible was not quite in her right mind... Everything was fragmented in the end. In particular, the difference between the picturesqe Christmas morning and the "happy ending" was hard to grasp; there was such a difference between the two scenes. Perhaps this contrast between the partial healing and stabilization of Christmas with the family and the desolation and re-fragmentation of the war suggests that it is possible to overcome the First World War. However, while there is hope, there is also a feeling of innevitability. The "...circling typhoon" (321) at the end of the book seems to imply that such events are bound to happen. But, in the lulls of the storm, there is also a possibility of rejuvenation as experienced between Nina and Adam with their picturesque Christmas day and their boasted love.

My final thoughts on this novel:
I really liked it! Out of the novel's we've read this term, I really liked Vile Bodies the best. I think it was because it was so accessible and easy to read but, at the same time, it had lots of interesting issues to think about.
I was especially taken by the Angels as well as the novel's unexpectedly post-apocalyptic ending.
But, excuse me...
I think I need a green bowler hat now.
I believe Babar might have one I can borrow...


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Actually Miss Runcible is dead.

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